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Architectural Metals & Roofing Make Processes LEAN

LEAN manufacturing implementation after

Architectural Metals & Roofing Make Processes LEAN

Architectural Metals & Roofing Make Processes LEAN 1024 683 The Jamar Company

As we continue to search out ways to make our operations at Jamar LEAN, the Architectural Metals & Roofing department has found a simple, yet significant way to save time, and money.

In reviewing their daily operations, they found that the way they store and access the racked metal needed for fabrication work was tedious and inefficient. The aisle was always obstructed with tables, pallets, and material stored in it. This impeded access to the racked metal, adding unnecessary time to craftsmen trying to access the metals. The lack of organization would often double or triple the amount of time they spent gathering the necessary materials.

LEAN manufacturing implementation before


LEAN manufacturing implementation after


The solution was simple: reorganize, color code, categorize rack space, add signage and a labeled floor. This makes it easy to visually identify where each material is stored. The organization opened up rack space for additional incoming stock material and job-specific items, moving them from the floor – and in the way – to the rack where it can be found easily.

indoor organization to make operations more LEAN

They also moved the hat channel (pictured below) from that aisle to outside in the yard, making it more accessible. The new covered rack accommodates the inventoried product, protecting it from the elements. We installed signage to remind users to accurately charge out the material, and not obstruct access in from of the rack.

outdoor organization to make operations more LEAN

These simple changes have allowed our craftsmen to efficiently get at the materials they need to effectively complete their projects. Results: better profits, less frustration.

“This change was a long time coming. With the new labeling, signage, and the visible aids, this will only help us sustain and maintain the organization,” said Paul Zwak.

Nice work, Department 2! What simple ways can you improve your workflow today?