Station Training for Safety

In March, we held our quarterly Safety Meeting in a “Station Training” format.  We set up three stations the group rotated through.  First, we had a vendor representative from ESAB demonstrate torch operation safety, including set up, lighting, gauge use and breakdown.


The second station had an experienced employee review grinder safety to include proper wheel installation with both grinding and cut off wheels, and cutting technique with cut off wheel.  Proper two handed grip was reviewed and several cutting demonstrations were done with different material applications.


In the third and final station, our newly revised Job Safety Analysis (JSA) form was reviewed.  With input from our workforce, we did extensive revision to our daily JSA.  The new format was strategically developed to be a more useful tool for our field supervision.  A notable change to the JSA was the attention given to what we consider “high hazard” tools.


Station training is a great format to allow hands-on application and the opportunity to ask questions from seasoned employees. We have had overwhelming positive feedback to our station training and are continuing to develop additional stations educate our workforce.