Boswell Unit 4 Retrofit

Boswell Unit 4 Aerial View

Boswell Unit 4 Aerial View

Boswell Unit 4 Retrofit was a joint venture between Jamar and The Boldt Company. This large-scale project began in April 2014. It includes a new NID (flue gas desulphurisation system), waste ash silo, and an electrical building including tie-ins and modifications to existing process systems. The goal was to reduce mercury emissions by 90%.

Boswell Unit 4 is Minnesota Power’s largest coal fired generator producing 585 megawatts of electricity.

Jamar was contracted to complete a substantial portion of the process mechanical systems including piping and boiler work. We also completed fabrication and installation of inlet/outlet ductwork, siding and roofing, HVAC, temperature controls and process insulation through Jamar along with API Construction.

The Boswell Retrofit project has a contract value of over $75M. In total to date, Jamar & APi Group, Inc. have worked over 266,000 man hours without a single recordable injury incident. It’s a remarkable, and rare accomplishment. As President Craig Fellman puts it, “We shouldn’t have to risk injury or our lives for these projects. No recordable injuries is attainable for every department.” The labor on Boswell has proven that this possibility exists. With the right focus it can be a reality company-wide.

Some successful highlights include:

  • Turning over Clean Air Path 14 shifts ahead of schedule
  • Met all the required turnover dates for the mechanical systems
  • Fabricated, shipped and field assembled 1,564,684 lbs. of panelized ductwork
  • Installed 38,238 LF of Small Bore/Large Bore pipe
  • Installed approximately 717,408 sq. ft. of siding
  • Installed 298,930 sq. ft. of metal roofing

Boswell has been a huge success story with significant successful collaboration on multiple fronts. The execution of this project has become a model reference for the way we want to work together as a company collectively as we move forward.

A huge thank you and congratulations goes out to everyone who had a hand in making Boswell Unit 4 Retrofit a success. Your hard work is noticed and we couldn’t have done it without you. We looked forward to continued successes together as we work hard to forge a safer, more successful Jamar in years ahead.