UMD Students Present Health Tips to Employees

By Norie Idso & Natalie Johnson

This September students Ahna Hoefler and Gavin Kadlec, partnered with Jamar to convey nutritional concepts learned in the Public Health Education and Promotion program at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Ahna and Gavin began meeting with Norie Idso and Natalie Johnson to understand the diversity of the work Jamar employees do and the variety of job site conditions. We felt that a large-scale commercial job would provide the best opportunity for Ahna and Gavin to reach a range of Jamar employees; the new maurices corporate office in downtown Duluth was chosen.

The students were first tasked with conducting a need assessment of the employees to guide them on what specific topics their research and final presentation should focus on. The assessment was completed on October 13, with 20 Jamar employees participating.

On November 24, the students presented on the topic of “Energizing Yourself with Food”, which encompassed health tips to keep our employees’ energy revved throughout the day. Ahna and Gavin also produced a short video and created a brochure that included the topics: 1) Always eat breakfast, 2) Think before you eat, 3) Fuel throughout the day, 4) Stay hydrated, 5) Watch your caffeine intake.

UMD students present to Jamar employees on the maurices jobsite.

After the presentation, employee’s had the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

We hope to have Gavin and Ahna back to share with a broader group at the Jamar Company, as they shared very simple, yet important steps to help each of us on our daily journey to wellness, both in and out of the office.

We would like to thank the Jamar employees who participated in the survey and presentation. Also, to Dr. Amy Versnik-Nowak for challenging her students to engage with community businesses and present solid topics everyone can utilize. And finally, thanks to Ahna and Gavin for a well communicated presentation to energize our workforce in a safe and positive way!

UMD students with Jamar coordinators