Bucket of Candy Brings in Roofing Business

As a leader in our field of work, we are proud to maintain long lasting relationships with many customers. These customers continue to use Jamar for their projects because of a proven track record of success. While the Architectural department has responded to roofing leak and repair calls for decades, our Roofing Service department now is actively pursuing this type of work.

Our Roofing Service team is using a fun marketing strategy to find some new customers. Six hundred orange buckets and a whole lot of candy is what it is taking for some to be introduced to another side of our business. The leak buckets are passed out to potential customers in order to spread the word about services that some didn’t know we offered.

The concept is simple, but it always brings out a smile and chuckle from everyone who receives one of our buckets. The orange bucket is filled with candy and a set of instructions. If a customer finds that their roof is leaking they are instructed to place the bucket under the leak, call Jamar, eat the candy, and relax as their leaking problems are being solved.


Many buckets have been dropped off already, and are catching drops. Our Roofing Service department is happy to have started relationships with many new customers as a direct result of the bucket campaign.