Jamar Participates in Safety Week 2016

We value our employees and one of the many ways we show this is by putting a premium on their personal safety! We ask that you show your personal commitment to safety and join us as our whole company participates in Safety Week 2016.

During Safety Week 2016, we will be putting an increased focus on safety. There will be various events held throughout the week, such as safety luncheons, contests, toolbox talks, and safety awareness videos.

This year’s slogan is “SAFETY NEVER QUITS.” We want ALL of our employees to not only focus on safety at work, but also at home and everywhere in between!

For more information about Safety Week 2016, please visit www.safetyweek2016.com 

To learn even more please watch this video from Russ Becker, President and CEO of APi Group, about why this week was started, and what it truly means.

As we kickoff our week, President Craig Fellman and Safety Director Greg Olek share a short presentation and reminder about safety being our top priority.