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Boswell Unit 4 Retrofit

Boswell Unit 4 Retrofit was a joint venture between Jamar and The Boldt Company. This large-scale project began in April 2014. It includes a new NID (flue gas desulphurisation system), waste ash silo, and an electrical building including tie-ins and modifications to existing process systems. The goal was to reduce mercury emissions by 90%. Boswell Unit 4 […]

Greysolon Plaza Canopy Completion

This past November, Jamar Company crews put the final touches on the Greysolon Plaza Canopy. The project started back on the evening of December 28, 2013 when the historic canopy collapsed. Crews worked around the clock in freezing winter conditions to clean up the debris. Months of design and planning followed before the restoration of […]

DTA Multimodal Center & Northwest Passage

We have been busy working on the DTA Multimodal Center, being built on Michigan Street. As part of the DTA Multimodal Center project, Jamar is helping build the skywalk (the Northwest Passage) crossing over Interstate 35 and connecting the multimodal center’s 3rd floor to the DECC. Both our roofing and architectural metals departments are working […]

Greysolon Plaza

by Garrett Bunkowske, Architectural Department Project Manager On the evening of December 28, 2013 the historic canopy of Duluth’s Greysolon Plaza collapsed. The canopy was built in 1925 when the Hotel Duluth (now the Greysolon Plaza) opened for business. The canopy featured ornate terracotta moldings installed on large steel frame that was suspended from the building by […]