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Clearwater Paper

Lewiston, ID
  • Annual outage maintenance, repairs, capital upgrades
  • Tube Repairs per Inspection-Cutouts, Lower Furnace
    Panel Replacement, Water Wall Tube Samples, R&R
    Spout Tubes, Membrane Repairs.
  • Superheat Inspection Repairs-Hair Pin/Loop
    Replacements and pad welding, clip removal and
    installation, pendant alignment
  • Stud Shooting as needed.
  • Steam and Mud Drum Internals
  • Floor Bend Replacement weld overlay on composite line
    on #5RB
  • Floor Replacement scheduled for 2017 on #5 RB
  • #4PB New Economizer. #4PB Gen Bank Replacement
  •  Recovery Boiler Wall and Bullnose Replacements
  • Windbox and Casing Repairs as needed
  • Sootblower Wall Box Sleeve repairs
  • CBD, Condensate and Steam Piping Repairs
  • Penthouse Repairs (crown seal and hand holes)
  • Smelt Spout Removal and Install
  • Primary Air Port Rodder Removal and Installation
  • Burner Repairs
  • ID Fan, FD fan and Ductwork Repairs
  • DA Tank/Heater Repairs
  • Dust Collector Repairs
  • Ash Handling Equipment Repairs and Retrofits
  • Precip Cleaning, Precip Wire Change Outs and Repairs
  • Scaffolding, Refractory