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Verso Paper – Quinnesec Paper Mill

Quinnesec, MI


  • Weak liquor tank shell replacement
  • Removal of existing tank top and carbon steel upper section
  • Fabricate and install new stainless tank sections and replace tank
  • Engineering and fabrication of lifting ring assembly for critical lifts.
  • Replacement of the top 16 ft. of a weak liquor tank shell with new
    stainless steel ring material and new tank roof support steel
  • Pre-outage field fabrication of the new tank rings culminating in a
    two-week, around the clock outage
  • During the outage the roof was removed, old tank sections and
    roof support steel demolished, new stainless tank rings and
    support steel installed and the tank roof re-attached
  • Overall, 61,500 lbs. of 304 stainless were used and 1,400 ft. of