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We Plan For Success

In construction, surprises are a bad thing.

That’s why we put significant effort into the front-end of your project to understand your goals and control for risk. Our pre-construction planning is systematic and thorough, leaving nothing to chance. In the end, it means we have full accountability to the budget, timeline, and success of your project.

Pre-Construction services include:

  • Pre-Planning to Outline Expectations
  • System Evaluation & Cost Estimating
  • Construction Design Using BIM Technology
  • Lean Construction Processes
  • Scheduling & Coordinating
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Project Control Development
  • Plumbing & HVAC Engineering
  • Contract Review
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Fabrication & Modularization
  • On-Site Pre-Planning Conference
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Ongoing On-Site Productivity Analysis
  • Project Commissioning & Close-Out
  • Post-Project Follow-Up & Reporting

BIM Construction Design

BIM – short for Building Information Modeling – is one of the handiest tools in our chest. BIM allows architects, engineers and construction professionals create a 360-degree building plan that helps them coordinate all the details of a project before it begins.

Technology That Streamlines

BIM is an essential tool that has changed the way we work. By streamlining workflow and increasing collaboration on the front end, BIM maximizes the value we deliver to each and every customer, no matter how unique their project.

An important part of our preconstruction planning, prefabrication, modularization strategies and design-build services, BIM combines 3D geometry, geographic information, building attributes, materials data, and spatial relationships to simulate a building’s real-world performance.

Using BIM to coordinate systems prior to installation reduces costly punch list items, change orders and rework. It also offers our customers the ability to review environmental impact before a project starts.

Lean Construction & Fabrication

At Jamar, “Efficient” is an understatement.

With our continuous dedication to Lean, we’ve taken an uncompromising approach to drive out waste from our processes. We anticipate where waste occurs – from initial planning through installation, construction or service – and work to eliminate it proactively.

By removing the activities that don’t add value, your project gets done faster and with less expense. To put it simply, lean will maximize value for you.

We know that the effectiveness of Lean relies on our people, at every level, continuously recognizing waste and driving it out of the process. That’s why more than 120 of our employees have earned Lean certification, and that number is growing. In addition, we’re members of the Lean Construction Institute, a leading force in driving lean project delivery.

Contact us today to learn more about our pre-construction services and the designing and pre-planning we do to help keep projects efficient on the job site and to the pocketbook.