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Safety is Our Top Priority

It’s that important.

Caring about our people is at the core of who we are. And we know their well-being depends on safety being more than just a word we throw around.

At Jamar, safety is a mindset and a deeply ingrained practice that’s upheld through industry-proven methods. Responsibility for safe work practices is shared at every level of the organization.

We’re proud to incorporate APi Group’s world-class, award-winning safety and health program, STEPS (Striving Towards Excellence and Professionalism in Safety).

Core Injury-Prevention Strategies

  • Training/Communication
  • Safety Committees
  • Pre-Planning/Job Hazard Analysis
  • Safety Observations & Audits
  • Near-Miss Reporting
  • Incident Investigation
  • Safety Award Program
  • Drug/Alcohol Policy & Program
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Jamar Company's STEPS program STEPS - Striving Towards Excellence and Professionalism in Safety